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What are pitches?

A pitch is your initial message to a client about a project. This is how you apply for the work.

Every Twine member gets 15 free pitches per month, Pro members get 50.

When you send your first message to someone new for the first time you’ll use one of your monthly pitches. Any replies or messages to people that you’ve already contacted are free and unlimited. That’s it, simple.

First message to a new person = 1 pitch, all other messages are free and unlimited.

We limit pitches to 15 per month for free members to prevent spam and protect our members from messages they don't want to receive.

As a reminder - Each job on Twine can recieve only 1 pitch from a free user. Once this has been reach you must be a pro user to pitch on the job


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Updated on: 06/11/2023

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