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Twine Payments: Vault, Direct & Bill

Before being hired for freelance work on Twine, it's necessary to come to agreed terms with the client. These terms should define project deliverables, property rights, deadlines, and payments terms.

To make a hire on Twine, the client is required to make an upfront Vault payment to secure the freelancer to work on their project.

This payment is held by Twine, and paid out when the client chooses to manually release it, or after a period of 90 days.

Once the initial payment is released, clients will have the option to make further Vault payments, or to issue Direct payments. Direct payments do not require client approval, and will be immediately processed by Twine and released to you within 14 days.

We therefore recommend that milestone payments are discussed when agreeing the payment terms for each job. It’s now no longer necessary to attach “final files” for approval, which allows you to be paid over the course of the project, not just a lump sum when the job’s completed.

This is particularly useful when working with a brand new client, and they want to see proof of work (drafts files) before releasing the funds, or for longer term projects more suited to milestone payments.

Freelancers can now also bill clients for any additional work! Send through a request with a Statement of Work, and get paid accordingly. Keep in mind that once bills have been issued, they cannot then be amended or cancelled.

Updated on: 15/08/2023

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