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Step 4: Choosing a Freelancer

You've read Step 3: Receiving Pitches & Public Questions and you're ready to choose a freelancer. Pitches given the green light by the Twine team are flowing into your Twine messages.

Now is your opportunity to make an initial assessment on the freelancers that have engaged.

Take the opportunity to decline an individual you can immediately identify as not being suitable, and take your time reading through the remaining pitches. Check out the associated Twine portfolios to gauge the quality they’re producing.

Draft a general message to reply to freelancers you’re interested in:

Confirm availability: are they available to deliver your job?

Confirm capability: do they have the skills and tools needed to deliver?

Confirm the process: what are the steps between concept and delivery?

Confirm payment: would you prefer to make a larger upfront payment to be released at project complete, or a series of smaller milestone payments?

You are very welcome to communicate outside of the platform, if you find this more convenient. Feel free to exchange phone numbers or email addresses to ease the process.

However, do put a copy of any agreed terms within your conversation in your Twine messages tab about hiring. That way, if any issues should arise, we have these messages to refer to. Hiring and payment also must go through the platform for the sake of security for both client and freelancer.

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External Links & Security:

Freelancers will frequently provide links to external sites on which their work is hosted. This is common practice because whitelisted work (commissions owned and potentially copyrighted by past clients) may not be publicly available to view. 

However, we do ask you to be aware of possible security risks presented by opening links online such as Dropbox. Check that there is context given to the link supplied, and use common sense. Always check the link to a legitimate site that you recognise. If you are unsure at any time, please flag this to the Twine team either via the Intercom webchat or email

Declining Pitches: 

There may be pitches that don’t pique your interest, they may not have examples of the style you’re looking for, or their quotation may not be aligned with your budget. It’s worth a message to clarify these points, but ultimately, we recommend declining responses from individuals you immediately know you won’t be following up with. A quick message to the freelancer as to why you’re declining is always appreciated, and will give insight into how they might be more successful in future.

Declining a pitch will free the freelancer up to pitch on other available jobs, but may well open up a spot for a more appropriate freelancer to pitch on your job. Win-win.

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Updated on: 15/08/2023

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