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Step 1.1: Understanding your budget

You've had a read through Step 1: Understanding your requirement, and now you have a better understanding of the scope of your job, you’re in a better place to assess how much you need to budget for.

Great freelancers aren’t cheap, and cheap freelancers aren’t great.

Freelance work in creative industries takes a lot of time, skills, and often, expensive tools, to get the job done to a good standard. Resist the temptation to hire cheaply and gamble on the quality of results.

Set a reasonable budget and work with someone following their passion. You’ll have a better experience, and won’t run the risk of having to hire twice.

What factors impact the cost of hiring a freelancer?

There are any number of factors, but a key are your priorities around time, quality and cost.

Do you want your job to be done quickly, delivered at low cost, or is your priority that it be of high quality?

Other factors include a likely premium on jobs that require a freelancer in a specific area, especially in cities with a high cost of living.

The project duration and complexity will also impact cost. A longer-term or more complex project will undoubtedly command a higher price, but freelancers are often open to negotiate on in this instance, especially if your job is part of a larger project.

Lastly, freelancer specialism must be considered. 3D Animators are likely to charge more than 2D Animators because of the time demands of the process. Videographers must source and maintain hardware equipment, Video Editors will have software costs.

Typically, junior freelancers will charge on a day rate beginning at $150 / £100. This is the very lowest end of the scale, with the expectation that this be for only very basic work. Experienced freelancers may charge a day rate of $1000 / £800 or higher.

Our number one tip? Ask freelancers to tell you about their process. How will they take your ideas and reference materials and create something bespoke for you. Understanding this process will give insight into their time demands, and help you assess how reasonable their quotation may be.

Further to this, give them a detailed job spec! It’s tricky to give costs without knowing the details.

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Updated on: 15/08/2023

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