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Getting Started Guide for Clients

Twine exists to make finding talented freelancers easy. This article will take you through the broad strokes of finding, hiring and paying freelancers through Twine.

Understanding your requirement

Do you know what you need, and have an expectation of the associated costs?

Hiring a freelancer can be daunting, especially if you don’t have much experience in this area, or if you’re using a new platform.

Understanding what you know (and don’t know) about your job is really important, and the more information you can give in your job brief, the better. A fully fleshed out job brief will attract freelancers of a high-quality, and with the specific skills needed for your deliverable.

The very first step in the process is to make sure you have gathered all the information needed to give freelancers a good understanding of what you want to be delivered.

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Understanding your budget

Once you have an understanding of the scope of your job, you’re in a better place to assess how much you need to budget for.

Great freelancers aren’t cheap, and cheap freelancers aren’t great.

Freelance work in creative industries takes a lot of time, skills, and often, expensive tools, to get the job done to a good standard. Resist the temptation to hire cheaply and gamble on the quality of results. 

Set a reasonable budget and work with someone following their passion. You’ll have a better experience and won’t run the risk of having to hire twice.

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Posting your job on Twine

The process is a simple one: answer a few questions about the job and supply a job brief. Once you’ve hit submit, your job post is then sent through to the Twine team to be vetted before being made live on the platform.
Already have your chosen freelancer picked out? Access the "invite" option on their profile and select "Hire for new job".

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Receiving Pitches & Public Questions

Once your job is live on the platform, each member of our community with the appropriate job role is sent a notification. With very popular jobs it will often be minutes freelancers start to engage.

Pitches from freelancers are vetted by the Twine team to ensure the individuals are suitable. Freelancers must have relevant examples of their work, and an informative message within their pitch to pass the vetting process. 

Freelancers can ask for more information about your job in the form of Public Questions. These questions are vetted by the Twine team before being sent through to you and are asked anonymously. Once answered, the question (and answer) will appear alongside the job brief for other freelancers to view. 

Often questions will be regarding the style required, and if you are able to supply any reference images or links. You are very welcome to share external links, and we recommend including these in your initial job brief, if you are able.

Choosing a Freelancer

You’ve put in the work to collate the information needed for an engaging job post, and now you’re reaping the benefits.

Now is your opportunity to make an initial assessment of the freelancers that have engaged. 

Decline pitches that don’t pique your interest, and message those that do:

Confirm availability: are they available to deliver your job?

Confirm capability: do they have the skills and tools needed to deliver?

Confirm the process: what are the steps between concept and delivery?

Confirm payment: would you prefer to make a larger upfront payment to be released at project complete, or a series of smaller milestone payments?

Once you’ve picked out a talented freelancer, and confirmed that they are ready, willing and capable, then you are ready to hire. Make sure there’s a copy of your agreed terms in your shared messages, and select “hire”.

To secure your freelancer, you will need to pay an upfront Vault payment via credit or debit card. Once paid, your freelancer can begin working on your job.

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Hiring, Payment & Project Management

Make an upfront Vault payment to secure your freelancer, and ensure you get the final deliverable you've asked for by choosing when to release payment. Vault payments are automatically released after 90 days.

Once the initial Vault payment has been issued, you can work with freelancers flexibly by allowing them to issue bills through the platform. Review the attached Statement of Work, and select Pay Bill when ready.

Finally, you can now hire multiple freelancers on the same job. Payments for each freelancer work in the same format as with a single freelancer. You’ll also have the option to end a hire with a single individual, whilst still continuing to work with other freelancers. 

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Updated on: 15/08/2023

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