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Step 2: Posting your job on Twine

You have read through Step 1: Understanding your requirement, and have your job details worked out, you’re now ready to post your job on Twine. The process is a simple one: answer a few questions about the job and supply a job brief. Once you’ve hit submit, your job post is then sent through to the Twine team to be vetted before being made live on the platform.

A simple step-by-step process to post your new brief:

What role of the freelancer is needed?

It is important this is accurate to ensure it attracts suitable freelancers.

Answer a few questions to provide some details about the role.

The questions the platform will ask vary depending on the role. However, most common questions you will have to answer are:

Is this a paid project?
Is this ongoing work or a one-off job?
Would you prefer to pay fixed rate, hourly or date rate?
Do you have an estimate of the job or project length?
Do you need to hire for a specific city, country or place?

Build your job brief.

The job brief refers to the description of what is required and is your opportunity to attract great freelancers. Enter the title of the job, description and click 'Next'.
A detailed description will enable freelancers to cater their pitches and reference their most relevant work. This will enable you to more quickly identify suitable individuals.

You can use some of the templates to help you, however, it is always great to write as detailed as possible job brief.

What details are needed for a job brief?

Background information:

Is this a personal project? Are you an organisation or agency?

What is the job?

For example: Logo Design, Video Explainer, Pitch Deck, Animation etc.

What role will this job play?

For example: Increase brand awareness or ad views, customer education etc.

How will the deliverable be used?

For example: Posted on Social Media, TV advertisement, personal use etc.

Particular skills required of the freelancer:

For example: Specific Verbal / Written Language, Coding Language, Creative style

What is your time-frame?

When do you need the job delivered?

Will the freelancer be needed onsite, or can the job be delivered remotely?

If the job is location specific: why?

References and examples:

Links to images / videos / websites in the style you would like to achieve

Set your budget

You can choose if the budget is flexible or set. Don't worry if you are uncertain. This can be changed later.

Provide your contact details and let us know how you prefer to be contacted

The contact details will not be shared with freelancers or anyone else. The contact details may be used for a Customer Success team to contact you in case we have a suggestion or need to amend anything.

And finally, click 'Post your free brief'. You will receive an e-mail from our Customer Success team when your job is live.

Amending your brief & Job deletion

To amend your job: hover over your personal icon in the top right-hand corner of the page, within the drop-down there will be a link to the "Manage Jobs" page. Select the job you're needing to update and view the "Actions" list on the right. Here will be the options to update or delete your job.

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Updated on: 15/08/2023

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