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Payment types: Vault, Direct & Bill

The Twine payment system enables clients to make payments to freelancers, and allows for multi-hire projects!

To secure a freelancer for work, you'll be asked to make an upfront payment. Either pay the full value of the project quoted by the freelancer, or agree a milestone schedule and pay smaller amounts incrementally.

These initial values are Vault payments, meaning that they'll be held by Twine until you choose to release payment. One released, you can continue to make further Vault payments, or choose to make Direct payments through Twine to your freelancer. Direct payments are immediately processed by the Twine team, and don't require a manual release.

Your freelancer will also be able to issue bills through the platform, enabling you to work more flexibly. Review the attached Statement of Work, and select Pay Bill when ready.

Vault payments are automatically released after 90 days.

Multiple freelancers can also be hired on the same job. Payments for each freelancer work in the same format as with a single freelancer. You’ll also have the option to end a hire with a single individual, whilst still continuing to work with other freelancers.

Updated on: 15/08/2023

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