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How to: Write the perfect job brief

What is a creative brief?

A project brief gives you the opportunity as a Client to get Creatives excited about working with you and delivering the very best they have to offer. Every project is unique and will require a talented freelancer to fulfil your requirement to a high standard.

Give as much information as you can about your project so freelancers are able to cater their pitches, and reference their most relevant work.

Your project details brokendown:

What is this project? (Logo Design, Video Explainer, Pitch Deck…)

Who is it for? (Your Business, A Website, YouTube...)

Why are we doing it? (Brand Awareness, Promotion, Art Project...)

When does it need to be done? (Turn-around will affect creatives pitching)

Where and how will it be used? (Delivery channels, file types, Online/Offline?)

How to Write a Brief on Twine

Creatives will use the brief to check whether they’ve got the right skills for the job, so write a detailed project specification in the project description box.

If they can’t work out what you need, they’ll pass you by. The more information your creative has the better job they can do. Here are some things to consider –



Software/hardware needed


What’s the purpose of the project? Who’s the intended audience?


Twine Helps You Write Your Brief

On Twine, we make writing a project brief quick and easy. All you have to do is fill in a few details about your project and you’re good to go. Your brief is posted up on our project briefs page and creatives can pitch to be involved.

You can message all the creatives who pitch in your project, who can help you further refine your brief.

Our experienced Customer Success team can also help to write your project brief and make sure it is as clear and persuasive as possible - just get in touch via Intercom webchat or e-mail

Updated on: 15/08/2023

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