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Non-specialised jobs & the Freelance Gig skill

Twine is primarily a platform for creatives to find freelance work within their chosen specialisms. Clients write a job brief and answer a few questions to create a job post, the post is reviewed by the Twine team made live on the platform.

Each job posted is associated with a particular creative role, and, assuming your Twine notifications are switched on, you’ll receive an email alert about anything relevant to you.

However, what about those jobs that don’t require a particular specialism?

Small video content creation tasks, survey completion, and focus group involvement are examples of small project tasks that can be utilised to supplement your earnings while working freelance. This can be handy while you’re just starting out in the industry, or if you have an hour or two to fill.

Here's an example of one such project being run by Twine: Large Video Datasets

If you’re interested in opting in for this kind of work, add “Freelance Gig” under your available skills within your portfolio.

Updated on: 15/08/2023

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