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What is an AI Collector?

Twine AI Collectors

Twine is a global platform for freelancers with expertise in creative, marketing and development areas to find work. To support our growing community, we also provide gig work job opportunities for clients that require large datasets.

Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning technologies have become pervasive across all industries. The need for data to train such systems is growing.

Being part of the Twine AI collector community means contributing to the advancements of AI by providing images, videos, and audio of unique content. This content is specifically designed for the client and is unique to the needs of their dataset.
Most of the jobs are low skill and quick to complete and are considered side earners alongside your regular creative freelance work.


We consider the ethics of AI technology carefully and do not transact with clients who's mission we don't believe in.
Alongside this all content collected from an AI Collector at Twine is only done so with their explicit consent. You will be asked to provide this before you begin any work for an AI Client.


A major issue in the world of AI at present is the misrepresentation of specific demographics mean that AI doesn't work for everyone, and we want to fix this!
This is why at Twine we strongly encourage everyone to take part, no matter your gender, ethnicity, age, religion, socioeconomic status, disability or sexual orientation.

Within most projects we will ask you to self identify within some of these categories for us to track that we have an even split across them all. The data collected is record for the project alone and used in line with the specifics of that project.

If you have any concerns about your data being used outside of what has been agreed please contact

Visit how to become an AI collector for more information on how to sign up

Updated on: 15/08/2023

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