Is there any documentation to help me understand how to use Twine?

Further to our FAQs, we also having a Getting Started Guide for Clients, as well as a number of more detailed articles to walk you through the process of posting a job, hiring through Twine, and project management.

What payment methods are available? What is the payment process?

Payments can be made via credit or debit card.

Vault payments are an upfront value agreed with your freelancer, and released pending your approval.

Direct payment: Payments marked for immediate release to a freelancer, and can be issued flexibly.

Bill payment: Following release of the initial Vault payment, freelancers can bill clients for any additional work.

Can I put a pause on receiving pitches?

Sure. Access the Manage Jobs tab and click the "Manage Job" button on your job. Select "Close job to new pitches" on the right-hand side to put a pause on receiving new pitches.

I have found a freelancer to deliver my project. How we commence working?

The first step is to access their profile and selecting Invite and then Hire for new job.

Your freelancer will pitch on the new job, and then you'll need to state your agreed terms (and payment schedule) within your shared Twine messages.

Select “hire” and make the Vault payment secure them for your project!

I haven’t hired a freelancer before. Is there a risk my freelancer might not deliver and keep my upfront Vault payment?

Make an upfront Vault payment to secure your freelancer, and ensure you get the final deliverable you've asked for by choosing when to release payment.

Note: Vault payments are automatically released after 90 days, but if any issue were to arise, we would be able to refer to the terms of the agreement for a speedy resolution.

Am I permitted to discuss the project with my freelancer outside of Twine?

We highly recommend keeping communication via Twine messages for security and convenience of our clients and freelancers. Direct contact details are covered until the hire is made.
We do appreciate, however, that some of the roles require a meeting, hence you are welcome to share a remote meeting/call link of your preferred platform.

Once you’ve agreed terms, state these within your shared Twine messages ahead of hiring via the platform. Then, if an issue were to arise, we would be able to refer to the terms of the agreement for a speedy resolution.

I’m not ready to hire yet. Can I prevent my job expiring?

Absolutely. Job expiry simply means that no new freelancers can pitch on your job. When you are ready to hire, amend the job closing date to make the posting active once more. You can do this under “Edit or View Job”.

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